Avanti Wine Cooler Reviews – (Buying Guide 2021)

The alluring world of wine collection, tasting, drinking and general enthusiasm ultimately comes down to how the wine tastes when it hits your palate. While that optimal taste is mostly driven by personal preference and perhaps factors like where you source your wine and how much it costs, your wine is only as good as how close remains to its original state. This is determined by how you store your wine. The Avanti Wine Cooler reviews featured below will give you a good head-start and point you in the right direction to optimally store your wines.

Top Rated Avanti Wine Coolers

  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler
  • CAPACITY : 12 Bottles
  • Product Dimensions :
    20.2 x 10 x 25.2 inches
  • Adjustable Temperature Range : 20-25 degrees
  • Number of Shelves : 3
  • 3.4 Customer Rating
  • CAPACITY : 16 Bottles
  • Product Dimensions :
    19.2 x 17 x 20.5 inches
  • Adjustable Temperature Range : N/A
  • Number of Shelves : 4
  • 3.6 Customer Rating
  • CAPACITY : 166 Bottles
  • Product Dimensions :
    26.9 x 23.5 x 71.1 inches
  • Adjustable Temperature Range : N/A
  • Number of Shelves : 15

1. Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler

It’s not a super-quiet unit, but you’ll have to listen very hard to get to a point where you’d start complaining about it being noisy. Keeping an eye on the cooling proceedings is also a breeze with the soft-touch display.


  • The thermoelectric system it uses makes it free of vibrations and minimizes noise
  • The removable shelves make it easy to clean and maintain, and also simplifies the process of packing in and accessing your bottles
  • Separate top shelves and single-unit bottom three shelves simply mean, you can accommodate wine bottles that are taller than the standard 750ml bottle, but it also means you can chill some of your already opened bottles


  • No built-in locking functionality, which means you’d have to add an accessory lock. It’s hard to imagine one that would fit in with the design of the unit and look good though
  • This cooler seems to have a dependence on the ambient temperature of the room it’s housed in. It manages to cool your wines down by 20 to 25 degrees from the specific room’s air temperature


Considering its price, design and the fact that it can comfortably and beautifully display (and store) 12 wine bottles, this works out to be a good wine cooler for periodic use (chilling some favorites for special occasions). It’s definitely a stylish unit and is compact. It offers ample horizontal and open bottle storage space too.

2. Avanti EWC1601B 16 Bottle Wine Cooler

The easy-slide-out chrome shelves will house up to 16 bottles of wines which are optimally stored at a temperature range of 62 to 65 F (reds). The temperature is displayed rather elegantly with the LED interior light. Red wines in particular come out at the perfect decanting temperature.


  • Truly one of the more durable wine coolers, with some lucky buyers known to have theirs working well for over five years
  • Maintains optimal temperatures for the storage of wine and is particularly unmatched at keeping red wines at their perfect temperature
  • The adjustable temperature is a nice touch and comes in handy to set it at warmer or cooler settings to fall in line with winter and summer seasons, respectively
  • The distinctive fact that it’s a wine cooler and NOT a re-purposed refrigerator means that it doesn’t make use of a compressor and the associated Freons, so it visibly saves energy despite running 24/7/365


  • Part of the cooling mechanism is located inside the cooling box, which limits the specific spaces occupied by the cooling mechanism to shorter wine bottles (can be rectified by inserting bottles sideways, but that makes the rear-located bottles more difficult to access)
  • The fan is also a bit intrusive of the cooling box space (upper-right corner), so pushing bottles too far in causes jarring of the fan


This cooler’s optimal temperature maintenance is flawless. It’s easy to install, inexpensive considering its features and it looks great too. Beginner red wine collectors will love it.

3. Avanti WCR682SS-2 166 Bottle Capacity Wine Cooler

The solitary temperature zone does well to protect your collection from the heat and from unwanted hands (has an integrated lock).


  • Compression-based cooling system works well to lower the temperature very quickly, making it great for white wines and sparkling wines which have a low tolerance for higher-than-optimal wine storage temperatures
  • For a big “commercial” sized unit such as this, it is a surprisingly quiet cooler (the soft fan whirring is nothing to write home about and is quite pleasant in fact)
  • Huge capacity of 166 bottles
  • Some shelves seem purpose designed to house even your Burgundy bottles
  • Temperature regulation is relatively stable (stable enough to keep your wines good)


  • Apart from the top row, the spaces between the shelves are a bit tight, so no storage of Turleys, Pinot Noirs, or Champagnes (although they manufacturers did explicitly state that it’s mostly for standard sized bottles)
  • Wooden shelves are very nice, but sag a bit if the unit is fully-loaded
  • Dapper LED light, but it doesn’t really illuminate the interior for label readability


This unit gives a lot of wine storage space at one of the best prices around. It effortlessly gets the job of keeping your wines good done, with no environmentally induced condensation (if you live in a humid area). You get ample “give” if you want to store bigger bottles, but you’ll then inevitably have to sacrifice a little bit of the 166 bottle capacity.

4. Avanti Leads the Way in Innovative and Compact Coolers

Avanti Wine Cooler reviews The Avanti Products company places as much emphasis on how their products fit into consumers’ lifestyles as they do on how those products function and look. Their enviable range of wine coolers bears testimony to this quite visibly; especially when one takes into account how well-received Avanti wine coolers are by interior designers/decorators. One can go as far as lauding Avanti wine coolers as an interior designer’s dream, simply because they are compact and are only a few complementary tweaks away from blending in perfectly with just about any interior decorative style or theme.

Boasting different material finishing, from classic / chic-crossover wooden shelves to ultra-modern / contemporary, minimalist chrome shelves, the discerning home or business owner seeking that perfect fit for their interiors has a lot to choose from and a lot to work with. Wine lovers of all creeds can rely on Avanti’s wide range of choices in wine coolers to effectively and safely store their wines optimally. This is true whether you stay in a dormitory, a condo, a hotel or anywhere else where you’re limited for space. There is an Avanti wine cooler for you if you require an easy storage solution with wine displaying characteristics that leave nothing to be desired.

Proper functionality leaves nothing to be desired too because Avanti wine coolers are practical in every sense of the term. Your wines will be kept ready for you to just reach in and serve, which is ideal if you’re a regular entertainer. Avanti also has some wine coolers which offer huge capacity. Compactness and easy integration remain synonymous with any Avanti wine cooler, however, even if you require a bigger one such as their 166 bottles compression-cooled unit.

Thermoelectric vs. Compression Cooling?

At the end of the day, as a wine enthusiast of any level you want a wine cooler that simply does the job of keeping your wines good. Whether you’re storing your wines for the long term or indeed if you want to keep some bottles chilled for quick and easy access; the ultimate job of your selected wine cooler is to cool the wine. Virtually everything else comes under consideration afterward, like what type of cooling technology goes into the cooler.

For a number of very valid reasons, however, the consideration of the type of cooler used does come under question, taking into account the two cooling technologies used in refrigerators and wine coolers. That would be thermoelectric cooling and compression cooling technology. Again, while all you really want is effective cooling, if you have any experience in owning more than one wine cooler in your lifetime you’ll realize some differences in the performance, longevity, and effectiveness of different wine coolers. Broadly speaking this performance is directly tied to the type of cooling technology used. Compression-based coolers tend to last longer and are generally used in bigger units, while thermoelectric coolers are quieter and are better suited to smaller wine coolers.

The implications spill over into things like how much electricity your wine cooler uses and how quickly it cools your wines and maintains the optimal cooling temperature. All of these considerations seem to have been thoroughly pondered by Avanti manufacturers. If it’s quick cooling you want and you couldn’t be bothered by how much electricity your cooler consumes, or perhaps if you just want your countertop cooler to be as quiet as possible, Avanti’s design and planning team has taken all the hassle out of it. The final choice is yours, but Avanti offers some great coolers to choose from.

Avanti Wine Cooler Comparison Chart

PRODUCT PRICE Product Dimensions Adjustable Temperature Range Number of Shelves
Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler $ 20.2 x 10 x 25.2 inches 20-25 degrees 3
AVANTI EWC1601B 16 BOTTLE WINE COOLER $ 19.2 x 17 x 20.5 inches N/A 4
AVANTI WCR682SS-2 166 BOTTLE CAPACITY WINE COOLER $$$ 26.9 x 23.5 x 71.1 inches N/A 15

Final Thoughts:

We’ll keep emphasizing the idea that every wine enthusiast has a very specific set of requirements they have of any wine cooler they’re considering buying. It’s always good practice to weigh the features up against your specific needs. It is our hope however that the Avanti wine cooler reviews featured here will ultimately lead you to the best decision out of what is currently available in the market. One thing you can be sure of with Avanti wine coolers is that you’ll benefit from features only experienced wine cooler owners and enthusiasts can pick up on, like charcoal air filtration which keeps your corked wines from assuming the smell of the surrounding air.

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